ITZY Yeji’s pink hair and Ryujin’s blonde bangs are cute! The opening trailer for “CRAZY IN LOVE” has been released!


ITZY, a girl group belonging to JYP Entertainment.

ITZY is popular for its cool performance.

The opening trailer of ITZY’s new album “CRAZY IN LOVE” has been released!

ITZY "CRAZY IN LOVE" Opening Trailer

This is the opening trailer of ITZY “CRAZY IN LOVE” posted on YouTube.

Yuna walking with Dalmatian and Ryujin making sweets, each concept was interesting.

It was a girl-crush concept like ITZY.

ITZY members hairstyles were also paying attention.

Yeji had pink hair and Ryujin had blonde bangs!

Their hairstyle and hair color were well received by fans.

Lia with glasses was also so cute 😆

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ITZY “CRAZY IN LOVE” opening trailer quickly topped 1 million views and got a hot reaction.

The spoiler live by ITZY was also full of highlights!

Let’s check the information on ITZY “CRAZY IN LOVE” in the future ♪