Twice’s sister! Profile introduction of ITZY. Also about the date of birth, hometown, blood type, family, enter the entertainment world!

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JYP is a major office that has produced many popular groups such as 2PM and Twice.

A new girl group, itzy, was formed from JYP this year in 2019.

What is itzy?

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In Korean, ” 있지 ” means “is there?” “is there!”

The group name “itzy” has the meaning “Is everything you want in us, isn’t it?”

And from that, the concept of “the group called itzy has all the charms desired by a girl group”.

The difference from Twice is that “TWICE is lovely and beautiful. On the other hand, we want to show an image that makes everyone longing with bright and youthful energy.”

itzy is a fresh member born after 2000, with the concept of teen girl crash.

itzy’s debut song “DALLA DALLA” was a song embodying a teen girl crash.

“Unlike those kids who are just beautiful and have no charm, I like me. I’m me.”

and their confident lyrics and intense dance were popular.

Furthermore, the recently released “icy” contains a message that it looks cool but has a hot thing inside, further establishing the image of a teen girl crash.

A girl group that has recorded two consecutive hits and is expected to be active in the future.