aespa Giselle and BLACKPINK Jennie wear same jacket! ? Their casual clothes at Coachella are cute!

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aespa Giselle is popular all over the world.

aespa appeared at the Coachella Festival, and the powerful performance became a hot topic.

This time, I would like to introduce Giselle’s casual clothes !

These are photos of Giselle posted on aespa’s official Twitter account.

Giselle seems to be enjoying Los Angeles, USA, and her hairstyle was wonderful.

The jacket was so cool.

BLACKPINK Jennie wore the same jacket as Giselle!

These are photos posted on BLACKPINK Jennie’s Instagram.

Jennie seemed to enjoy Coachella, and all the photos were wonderful.

The same jacket that Jennie and Giselle wore is a product of the brand “Pepper Pepper”.

Let’s check it out ♪