Similar to Girls’ Generation Taeyeon!? The visual of aespa’s WINTER has been released.

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Quote from:SMTOWN twitter
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aespa, whose debut was announced in November.

The visual of WINTER, the first member of aespa, has been released!

Here is the visual of WINTER, the first member of aespa released by SMTOWN.

It was a wonderful name, so other members may have names that represent the seasons.

WINTER had a mysterious atmosphere and was an beautiful member.

It was said that WINTER looks like Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation!

Compared to Taeyeon’s blonde , WINTER has a similar atmosphere.

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WINTER seems to be an excellent member of vocals and dance.

It’s a perfect member to be able to do both!

Please pay attention to the aespa members that will be released in the future ♪