In Lay “酒(JIU)”, EXO’s voice is a hot topic! A song for EXO? EXO’s supernatural powers are also in the lyrics!

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EXO’s Chinese member Lay.

Lay has been active in EXO as a member of EXO-M.

In recent years, Lay has been doing a lot of solo activities in China, but he also participate in EXO’s latest song “Don’t Fight The Feeling” and interact with members on SNS.

And today, April 8th, EXO Lay’s new song “酒(JIU)” was released!

This is a tweet of Lay’s new song “酒(JIU)” posted on EXO’s official Twitter account.

The black and white poster has beautiful shining stars.

The number of shining stars is 9, which is exactly the same as the number of EXO members.

What was even more talked about was EXO members’ voice with Lay !

It was a moving start to hear the voices of EXO members, such as “Happy New Year”, “Lay Ya ~”.

Baekhyun said, “Bambi was released, and did you hear it?” and he was so cute!

The lyrics of “酒(JIU)” include the supernatural powers of EXO members!

It’s a new song suitable for the 10th anniversary of EXO’s debut, and Lay’s love for EXO is wonderful.

Today, many fans are sad that Lay will be leaving SM, but when I listen to this “酒(JIU)”, I can feel Lay is still EXO.

I would like to see Lay as EXO members in the future♪