EXO-SC’s new song “1 Billion Views” MV teaser video released! Pop and retro atmosphere !!

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EXO-SC will make a comeback on July 13 with the new album “1 Billion Views”.

Chanyeol and Sehun’s hairstyle changes have become a hot topic.

The MV teaser video of the new EXO-SC song “1 Billion Views” has been released!

EXO-SC 세훈&찬열 '10억뷰 (1 Billion Views) (Feat. MOON)' MV Teaser

This is the MV teaser video of EXO-SC “1 Billion Views” that was released at 00:00 on July 11.

The MV of the collaboration song “Telephone” with 10CM, Chanyeol’s solo song “Nothin” and Sehun’s solo song “On Me” have been released.

The MV teaser video of the title song “1 Billion Views” has finally been released!

I was interested in what kind of song it was, but it was a MV with a pop atmosphere.

I felt retro, and I could see a little performance of Chanyeol and Sehun.

I’m looking forward to the full version of the MV.

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EXO-SC’s new album “1 Billion Views” will be released soon.

The teaser video of the MV of the title song “1 Billion Views” was also released.

Please check it out♪