EXO-SC’s new song “척 (Telephone)” MV released! Collaboration with 10CM is a topic !!

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EXO-SC will release their new album “1 Billion Views” on July 13.

People’s expectations are gathering for their first comeback in about a year.

The MV of such EXO-SC’s new song “척 (Telephone)” has been released!

This is the MV of EXO-SC “척 (Telephone)” released on July 7.

In “척 (Telephone)”, collaboration with 10CM has become a hot topic!

EXO-SC collaboration is gorgeous every time.

“척 (Telephone)” was a fun song like EXO-SC.

As the title says, the story with a smartphone theme was also interesting.

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EXO-SC and 10CM collaboration song “척 (Telephone)”.

It was a song that seems to heal your tired everyday life.

Please check it out♪