EXO-SC Chanyeol’s solo song “Nothin” MV released! Focsu on the bass voice of Chanyeol !!


EXO-SC making a comeback on July 13.

The album title is “1 Billion Views”.

The MV of EXO-SC Chanyeol’s solo song “Nothin” has been released!

EXO-SC 세훈&찬열 'Nothin’' Track MV (CHANYEOL Solo)

This is the MV of EXO-SC Chanyeol’s “Nothin” released on July 9th.

The MV of “Telephone” that EXO-SC and 10CM collaborated the other day was released, but this time it was Chanyeol’s solo song!

I’m happy to hear new songs every day.

The MV of “Nothin” had a slightly dark atmosphere.

The low voice of Chanyeol was a wonderful song.

The concept was completely different from “Telephone” and it was fresh.

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EXO-SC will make a comeback soon.

This time, it was Chanyeol’s solo song “Nothin”.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of content will be released next time!