Full of Burberry! ? Check out the fashion worn by Chanyeol on EXO-SC “1 Billion Views” !!


EXO-SC making a comeback with their new album “1 billion views” on July 13.

This is the first comeback in about a year, and fans all over the world are paying attention.

The visual of Chanyeol was released on July 2nd.

This time, I would like to introduce the fashion worn by Chanyeol in EXO-SC “1 billion views”!

Quote: https://www.instagram.com/exofashion.indo/

This is the fashion worn by Chanyeol in the “1 billion views” visual photo.

Chanyeol wore Burberry a lot!

There were black and white shirts, sweaters, red pants.

He also wore a fashionable hat.

It was a visual photo like a fashion magazine.

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EXO-SC Chanyeol is always fashionable.

Burberry was the most worn item by Chanyeol in “1 billion views”.

I’m looking forward to a visual photo of Sehun♪