EXO-L can meet Chanyeol on the 27th of every month! A surprise video from Chanyeol to EXO-L is a hot topic!

Quote from:YouTube

EXO Chanyeol joined the army on March 29th.

Chanyeol was quietly enlisted in the army to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

A surprise video from Chanyeol to EXO-L was released on YouTube!

Happy Birthday loey

This is a video posted on EXO Chanyeol’s YouTube channel on March 30th.

In a video shot at midnight on November 27th, which is Chanyeol’s birthday, he was looking around his birthday advertisement prepared by fans.

Chanyeol watched the birthday advertisements installed at the subway station and cafe.

“5:51” was displayed on the screen of Chanyeol’s smartphone, and I was impressed that he was searching around until dawn!

At the end of the video, Chanyeol wrote message that “I’m having a good time, everyone ! ♡” “Let’s meet every 27 days”.

It seems that we can meet Chanyeol every 27th of every month, which has become a hot topic among fans.

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On March 29th, a photo greeting the fans before joining the army was posted on Chanyeol’s instagram.

Chanyeol wore the watch used by D.O., and EXO’s friendship was wonderful!

It’s a pity that Chanyeol’s activities aren’t seen for a while, but I’m looking forward to the 27th of every month ♪