EXO Chanyeol wears Kyungsoo (D.O.) ‘s watch and goes to the military ! Impressed by EXO’s friendship !

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Quote from:instagram.com
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EXO is very popular.

Xiumin and D.O., who had been enlisted in the army , was discharged and are starting their activities.

Today, March 29th, EXO Chanyeol has joined the army!

This is the last photo before joining the army posted on EXO Chanyeol’s official Instagram.

Chanyeol said “Bye bye 👋 #Kyungsoo watch”.

Chanyeol wore Kyungsoo(D.O.)’s watch on his wrist!

It was a picture that you can feel the friendship of EXO.

I didn’t know Chanyeol’s hairstyle because he was wearing a cap.

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EXO’s send-off photos are expected among fans.

Every time someone joins the army, EXO members touch the head and sees off, and I’m looking forward to the picture of Chanyeol!

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