EXO Kai “Mmmh” MV was released! Focus on the sexy wave dance !!

Quote from:YouTube

EXO’s main dancer, Kai.

Kai is famous as a top-class dancer among KPOP idols.

The MV of EXO Kai’s solo debut song “Mmmh” has been released!

KAI 카이 '음 (Mmmh)' MV

This is the MV of EXO Kai “Mmmh” released on November 30th.

In concept photos and teaser video were attracting attention.

Even in the released MV, there are a lot of futuristic scenes, and it was a wonderful MV.

In the chorus, Kai’s wave dance was a sexy choreography!

It was a performance where you can feel the charisma of Kai.

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Kai’s sexy outfits are also a hot topic in the MV of “Mmmh”.

Kai wore a costume that could see the upper body, and Kai’s body was cool!

Please check Kai’s performance of “Mmmh” ♪