TREASURE jaesahi is a hot topic! “BEAUTIFUL” MV released! HaJeongwoo, Leaders too!

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TREASURE debuted in 2020 from YG Entertainment.

TREASURE is made up of 12 members from Japan and Korea.

The MV of TREASURE’s Japanese song “BEAUTIFUL” was released!


This is the MV of TREASURE “BEAUTIFUL” released at 19:00 on March 31st.

“BEAUTIFUL” is the first Japanese song released by TREASURE, and it was also noticed as the ending song of the anime “Black Clover”!

The lyrics are full of hope, and it makes you feel happy.

In the MV , TREASURE members spend their time in the room, and they were very cute.

There were many good friends scenes between the members, and it was a healing MV .

The scene of taking photos in a light blue uniform was also cute!

At the climax, two people were taking pictures in pairs, Leaders (Hyunsuk & Jihoon), HaJeongwoo (Haruto & Jeongwoo), Yoshi & Mashiho, Yedam & Junkyu, Doyoung & Junghwan, jaesahi (Jaehyuk & Asahi ).

Jaesahi is especially attracting attention, and Jaehyuk lifted Asahi.

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Before the MV release of “BEAUTIFUL”, a special program of TREASURE was released.

TREASURE members informed TREASURE MAKER in Japan that we made our debut in Japan, and there were lots of fun games.

The cute Japanese spoken by Korean members was also interesting 😆

Please check out TREASURE’s future activities in Japan ♪