MV of TREASURE’s debut song “BOY” released! The best scale ever !!

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YG Entertainment, a major Korean entertainment agency.

This office has produced many popular idols such as BIGBANG, 2NE1, WINNER, ikon, and BLACKPINK.

The newcomer TREASURE finally debuted from YG entertainment!


This is the MV of TREASURE’s debut song “BOY” that was released at 18:00 on August 7.

It was talked about that the MV of “BOY” is the highest production cost among the debut songs of YG Entertainment.

The MV of “BOY” released was TREASURE-like, shining and fresh.

The powerful performance that I cannot think of as a newcomer was also cool.

The dance performance in climax was the best.

Haruto’s bass rap was really cool!

The members with flashy hair colors, such as pink-haired JiHoon, green-haired Hyunsuk, and blonde Asahi, were also wonderful.

By the way, the sales of TREASURE’s debut album has exceeded 200,000!

It’s a great record!

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TREASURE finally debuted.

The MV of TREASURE’s debut song “BOY”, which has been receiving attention from all over the world, has also been released.

Treasure seems to be a big success in 2020.

We are supporting the success of TREASURE in the future♪