Introducing the name of TREASURE’s official character TRUZ! Cute goods are a hot topic!


TREASURE debuted in 2020 from YG Entertainment.

TREASURE got the 2020 rookie award and is expected to play an active role in 2021.

The character TRUZ, which is a collaboration between TREASURE and LINE Friends, was born!

This is a photo posted on TRUZ’s official Twitter account.

TREASURE thought about TRUZ’s design , and based on that, the designers of LINE Friends finished it as a cute character.

The process up to the birth of TRUZ is posted on YouTube videos , and the road to completion is fun.

Now, I introduce the TRUZ characters names !

In this video, TRUZ characters appear in the order of TREASURE member’s age.

Hyunsuk: CHILLI

Jihoon: ROMY

Yoshi: YOCHI

Junkyu: BONBON

Mashiho: MATETSU

Jaehyuk: LAWOO

Asahi: HIKUN

Yedam: YE-DEE

Doyoung: SOM

Haruto: RURU

Jeongwoo: WOOPY

Junghwan: PODONG

The name of TRUZ was decided by each member with reference to the opinion of their fan TREASURE MAKER.

Although it has not been officially released yet, it has been talked about that the TRUZ stuff toys are very cute!

TREASURE members have TRUZ’s stuff toys not only small size, but also very large size.

TREASURE also wore a TRUZ T-shirt, so I’m looking forward to the future TRUZ’s goods 😆

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In the recently released YouTube video, TREASURE was recorded TRUZ’s voice according to the movement .

Please check the information of TRUZ in the future ♪