April 5th is TREASURE Haruto’s birthday! Hakata dialect of “#ハルト愛しと〜よ” is a hot topic!

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TREASURE debuted in 2020 from YG Entertainment.

TREASURE made their debut in Japan on March 31st.

Today, April 5th is the birthday of Haruto, a Japanese member of TREASURE!

Haruto was born April 5, 2004, he is 17 years old.

He is the youngest member of TREASURE’s Japanese member .

Haruto participated in “YG TREASURE BOX” when he was a junior high school student and was able to make his debut as TREASURE.

It’s amazing to see him leave his parents and play an active part in Korea when he was young!

In TREASURE, Haruto is in charge of rap.

In TREASURE’s original drama that was previously released on “TREASURE MAP”, Haruto played the role of a handsome son of noble family and became a hot topic!

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To celebrate Haruto’s birthday, the Hakata dialect hashtag of “#ハルト愛しと〜よ” became a trend on Twitter!

It’s nice that overseas TREASURE MAKER also use the Hakata dialect.

I’m looking forward to Haruto’s birthday V live!

Please check it out ♪