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TREASURE Mashiho and Doyoung danced “LALISA” ! Dance cover of BLACKPINK Lisa’s solo song is a hot topic ♪

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TREASURE, a popular boy group belonging to YG Entertainment.

In 2021, TREASURE has become more and more popular after its comeback activity on “MY TREASURE” and its debut activity in Japan.

On September 19th, TREASURE released a dance video to commemorate Chuseok!

This is a dance video posted on the official Twitter account of TREASURE MAKER.

It was nice to wear Hanbok, which is suitable for Chuseok.

TREASURE danced various songs such as BLACKPINK songs, Japanese artist songs, and other artist songs.

Their dance of BLACKPINK Lisa’s solo song “LALISA” became a hot topic!

First, Hyunsuk and Yedam danced the cool dance of “LALISA”.

Next, Mashiho and Doyoung appeared, waving their hips and dancing with both hands raised, and they were so cute 😆

It was a cute dance that was perfect for Mashiho and Doyoung, and it was a nice performance for YG fans.

The dance performances of other TREASURE members were also full of highlights, so please check them out ♪