AB6IX Woojin and TREASURE Jeongwoo are similar! ? How to speak and personality are also similar !!

Quote from:AB6IX instagram

AB6IX to which members from WannaOne and members who appeared in Produce 101 belong.

AB6IX’s rapper Woojin who was also active as Wanna One, is similar to TREASURE Jeongwoo!

Quote: https://www.instagram.com/ab6ix_official/

In the picture above, the left is AB6IX Woojin, and the right is TREASURE Jeongwoo.

The pictures of the two people are very similar, right?

Woojin is a rapper, but Jeongwoo is the vocalist at TREASURE.

Moreover, it is noticed that the two are similar not only in their faces but also in their usual way of speaking!

Woojin and Jeongwoo, who are usually powerful and cheerful, have similar positions in the team!

When Jeongwoo sang rap in the YG treasure box, it was very similar to Woojin.

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The rumors that Jeongwoo resembled Woojin began when Jeongwoo appeared in the YG treasure box.

Because they’re very similar, I hope they’ll play together someday!

We are supporting the success of AB6IX and TREASURE in the future♪