TREASURE Asahi’s paintings are too good ! Jihoon’s caricature is cute !!

Quote from:TREASURE twitter

TREASURE made a comeback with the new song “사랑해 (I LOVE YOU)”.

TREASURE’s cool performance is attracting attention.

This time, I will introduce the ability of TREASURE Asahi’s good painting!

This is a portrait of Jihoon posted on TREASURE’s official Twitter account.

A photo of Jihoon’s babyhood was also posted.

Jihoon has been cute since he was a baby!

The portrait of Jihoon drawn by Asahi was very fashionable with a style that seems to appear in manga.

The ability of Asahi’s paintings has been a hot topic for some time.

Asahi’s design is also popular in collaboration with LINE FRIENDS.

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Asahi has not only a talent for painting, but also a talent for songwriting.

I want TREASURE to make a comeback with a song made by Asahi someday!

We also support Asahi’s future activities ♪