The MV of 「MY TREASURE」 has been released! Pay attention to the moving story !

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TREASURE debuted in 2020 from YG Entertainment.

TREASURE is a group of 12 members from Japan and Korea.

TREASURE has released three songs, “BOY”, “I LOVE YOU”, and “MMM” since their debut in 2020.

The MV of TREASURE’s new song “MY TREASURE” has been released!

This is the MV of TREASURE’s new song “MY TREASURE” released on January 11th.

In the teaser video, the concept like a fantasy movie was attracting attention.

It was a MV as if you were watching a musical.

As TREASURE members said, it was a healing song that made you feel happy just by listening to it!

Starting with the beautiful intro of Yedam, the members appeared one after another.

It was interesting to change the atmosphere from Hyunsuk’s rap part after the first chorus was over.

The story of the MV was also wonderful, and the scene that gave light to children suffering from parental quarrels and students trying hard to take the exam was impressive!

A lot of flowers appeared, and you could see a lot of smiles of TREASURE members.

I want to see the live performance of “MY TREASURE” soon 😆

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TREASURE’s new song “MY TREASURE” has finally been released.

“MY TREASURE” is the title song of TREASURE’s 1st album “THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT” and it has a happy concept.

Please check out the other new songs “BE WITH ME” and “SLOW MOTION” included in “THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT” ♪