TREASURE Mashiho became the ending fairy! The ending of Mashiho, who is too cute, is a hot topic !!

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TREASURE is making a comeback with the new song “I LOVE YOU”.

Finger heart dance is attracting attention in “I LOVE YOU”.

TREASURE Mashiho has become the ending fairy in the popular SBS Inkigayo broadcast on September 27th!

TREASURE – ‘사랑해 (I LOVE YOU)’ 0927 SBS Inkigayo

This is the stage of TREASURE “I LOVE YOU” in SBS Inkigayo.

The costume this time was a white uniform, and it looked like a prince.

And the endings were Asahi, Yedam, and Mashiho!

Mashiho’s movement from finger heart to the peace sign was too cute.

Mashiho’s too cute ending, which is suitable for “Ending Fairy”, has become a hot topic.

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The ending members of the “I LOVE YOU” stage change every time.

I’m looking forward to seeing who will be the ending on the next stage!

Please check it out ♪