What’s meaning of KABOOM? TREASURE will release “B.O.M.B” KABOOM version!


TREASURE belongs to YG Entertainment.

TREASURE appeared at 2023TMA held the other day, and their cool performance became a hot topic.

The KABOOM version of TREASURE “B.O.M.B” will be released on October 20th!

This is the release poster of the KABOOM version of TREASURE “B.O.M.B” posted on YG FAMILY’s official Twitter.

“B.O.M.B” is a song from the latest album “REBOOT”, and it’s a wonderful song with lyrics that liken the heart to a bomb when you’re in love.

The chorus “boom, ba-ra-bi, bomb, bomb” has become addictive and popular with their fans.

The new KABOOM version of “B.O.M.B” will be released, so I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of arrangement it will be 😆

I’m curious about the meaning of KABOOM !

KABOOM seems to mean “a booming explosion sound”.

It looks like it’s going to be a version that can be enjoyed at concert, so I’d like to hear it soon!

Let’s check out the KABOOM version of TREASURE “B.O.M.B” that will be released in the future♪