TREASURE Asahi and Mashiho became black hair! Their handsome visuals are hot topics !!

Quote from:TREASURE twitter

TREASURE has finished their comeback activity with their new song “I LOVE YOU”.

It seems that the MV shooting of the new song has started.

TREASURE appeared in “2020 SUPER ON:TACT” on October 18th!

In addition to TREASURE, popular artists such as (G)-IDLE, CRAVITY, and THE BOYZ appeared in “2020 SUPER ON: TACT”.

TREASURE performed the new song “I LOVE YOU” and the debut song “BOY”.

The hair color of Asahi and Mashiho became a hot topic among fans!

When they were active in “I LOVE YOU”, Asahi had blonde hair and Mashiho had pink hair.

Asahi and Mashiho in “2020 SUPER ON: TACT” had black hair, and their handsome visuals was popular.

Mashiho has a hairstyle with raised bangs, and it was very cool.

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TREASURE plans to release their first full album in December.

People are paying attention to whether TREASURE can achieve a million seller by the end of the year!

Please check out TREASURE’s future activities ♪