The pink hoodie is cute! TREASURE Yoshi and Doyoung release cute 2 shot photos !!

Quote from:TREASURE twitter

Treasure is a new idol who debuted from YG Entertainment.

TREASURE’s debut song “BOY” is a big hit.

TREASURE is currently working on a new song.

A cute 2-shot photo of Yoshi and Doyoung from TREASURE has been released!

This is a two-shot photo of Yoshi and Doyoung posted on TREASURE’s official Twitter.

The two people in the pink hoodies were cute pictures!

Yoshi and Doyon wore TREASURE official goods hoodies, and in addition to pink, colorful colors such as purple, blue and yellow are available.

It’s a design that you can wear regardless of gender.

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TREASURE broadcasted a lot of V-lives.

The V Live of the other day was also very interesting!

Please check it out♪