TREASURE sang “SLOWMOTION” at staff’s wedding! AKMU also attended! ?

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TREASURE debuted in 2020 from YG Entertainment.

TREASURE made their debut in Japan on March 30th.

Today, on May 5th, TREASURE attended the staff’s wedding !

These are photos of Hyunsuk and Mashiho posted on TREASURE’s official Twitter account.

Both of them dressed up and wore cool outfits!

TREASURE sang “SLOWMOTION” at the staff’s wedding.

The song is perfect for the wedding 😆

By the way, not only TREASURE but also AKMU participated in the wedding and became a hot topic among YG fans!

The staff who got married were surely happy.

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TREASURE’s TRUZ has recently become very popular.

Cute designs such as plushies and custom goods are attracting attention.

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