TREASURE Jihoon and AB6IX Woong are hot topics! Friendship of YG trainees! AB6IX is comeback on Inkigayo!

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Quote from:TREASURE twitter
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AB6IX made a comeback with the new song “감아 (CLOSE)”.

Their cool performance is popular.

AB6IX appeared in SBS Inkigayo broadcasted on May 2nd!

This is a photo posted on AB6IX’s official Twitter account .

They wore purple and pink outfits and it was a cute concept.

Woong is a sexy outfit , and their muscles have been attracting attention.

Also, in Inkigayo, the talk between Woong and TREASURE Jihoon became a hot topic!

This is a photo of Jihoon posted on TREASURE’s official Twitter account.

The outfits of the three MCs this time were spy concepts, and the black suit was cool.

Woong was playing with Jihoon’s ear during the AB6IX comeback interview!

Actually, Woong was a trainee of YG Entertainment , so it seems that his friendship with Jihoon is still going on.

It was a wonderful comeback interview that could see their friendship !

Be sure to check out the next SBS Inkigayo ♪