TREASURE Jihoon celebrates NCT Sungchan’s birthday! Inkigayo MC’s friendship ♪

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Music program “SBS Inkigayo” broadcast in South Korea.

The MC of SBS Inkigayo is TREASURE Jihoon, NCT Sungchan, and Yujin.

Jihoon celebrated NCT Sungchan’s birthday!

These are photos of Sungchan posted on NCT’s official Twitter account.

Sungchan had a deer balloon and a cute bouquet.

On bubble, a photo of Jihoon celebrating Sungchan was posted, which was a hot topic among fans!

I felt their good friendship, and it was a moving photo.


Actually, in March 2021, Sungchan was celebrating Jihoon on his birthday.

They celebrate each other and their friendship is wonderful.

Let’s check MCs in next Inkigayo♪