Daehwi’s rap is amazing! AB6IX “SALUTE” MV released !!

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AB6IX made a comeback with their new album “SALUTE” on November 2nd.

The photos of the members wearing military uniforms were released, and the cool visuals were attracting attention.

The MV of AB6IX’s new song “SALUTE” has been released!

AB6IX (에이비식스) 'SALUTE' M/V

This is the MV of AB6IX “SALUTE” released on November 2nd.

The drum music of the marching band was a powerful intro.

It was cool that the members appeared in order, from Daehwi’s vocals to Woojin’s rap, Woong, and Donghyun.

In the chorus, Woojin became the center and it was a powerful dance performance.

And there was Daehwi’s rap part!

Up until now, Woojin and Youngmin were in charge of rap at AB6IX, but Daehwi’s rap was also wonderful!

At the climax, there was also an insanely cool dance break.

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November 2nd, when AB6IX made a comeback, was Woojin’s birthday.

The comeback day and Woojin’s birthday overlapped, making it even more happy!

Please check out the comeback activity of “SALUTE” ♪

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