September 9th is TREASURE Junkyu’s birthday! Focus on cute Junkyu from childhood !!

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Quote from:TREASURE instagram
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The expected newcomer TREASURE who debuted from YG Entertainment.

TREASURE released the debut song “BOY” and is preparing for the new song.

September 9th is the birthday of TREASURE Junkyu!

This is a photo of Junkyu posted on TREASURE’s official Instagram.

A childhood photo of Junkyu was posted.

Junkyu has been cute since he was a kid!

The cool visuals have been attracting attention.

Jungyu has a career as a child actor.

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Junkyu, born September 9, 2000, became 20 years old.

It was his first birthday after debuting as TREASURE!

We continue to support Junkyu’s success♪