BTS “Butter” and “花様年華” are hot topics! Also related to “Butterfly”! ? Introducing the theory of ARMY!

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BTS will release a new song “Butter” on May 21st.

“Butter” is an English song following “Dynamite”, and ARMY all over the world is expecting what kind of song it will be.

The concept clip – teaser poster of BTS’new song “Butter” has been released!

This is the photo posted on BIGHIT MUSIC’s official Twitter account.

Some photo such as toast, juice, etc. were posted.

There are some arrows, and it was a concept clip that made me wonder what it meant.

ARMY all over the world are considering various theories, but the one that is related to “花様年華” is especially hot topic!

Since the song title of “Butter” was announced, it has been talked about among some ARMY that if “fly” is removed from “Butterfly”, it becomes “Butter”.

In the photo of the concept clip released this time, there seemed to be something related to the MV of BTS .

Many ARMY says that the scattered candy in lower right may be related to the candy that RM had in “Run” MV !

I feel that the concept of the photo is similar to the MV of “Run” 😆

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The concept clip-teaser poster has just been released.

I’m looking forward to seeing if “Butter” is related to “花様年華” and “Butterfly” and what kind of story it is.

Please check the information on BTS “Butter” that will be released in the future ♪