BTS announced MAP OF THE SOUL ONE! Where and when? Surprised to hold online and offline !!

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Quote from:BigHitEntertainment twitter
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BTS is popular worldwide.

The online live BANGBANGCON performed by BTS the other day ended in great success.

Such BTS announced that they will hold MAP OF THE SOUL ONE in October!

This is the poster image of MAP OF THE SOUL ONE.

The posters of BTS members in red costumes were cool posters!

It was an impressive poster that a person who seems to be Jungkook of the center is pulling a large red cloth.

MAP OF THE SOUL ONE will be held on October 10th and 11th, and it’s held online and offline! !

The offline live will finally come back.

The place will be held in Seoul, Korea.

It is said that the venue will have a capacity of 40% or less, and standing and shouts will also be prohibited in the live.

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BTS surprised ARMY all over the world by holding MAP OF THE SOUL ONE.

It’s good news that the offline live show is finally back!

Unfortunately, it’s only held in Korea, but let’s enjoy it together online.