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BTS 95z(Vmin) “Friends” becomes the OST for Marvel’s movie “Eternals”! ARMY was also surprised the news!

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Jimin and Taehyung (V) who are active in BTS.

The two were born in 1995 and are the same age, and fans call them “95z(Vmin)”.

95z(Vmin)’s song “Friends” is very popular, and their friendship is great.

Recently, the news that “Friends” become OST for Marvel’s new movie “Eternals” is a hot topic!

It’s amazing that BTS songs are used in Hollywood movie.

Moreover, it was surprising that the Korean song “Friends” was selected instead of the English songs such as “Dynamite”, “Butter”, and “My Universe”.

The lyrics of “Friends” are involved the episodes of Taehyung(V) and Jimin, and the episode of “Mandu” is especially famous!

I’m looking forward that “Friends” will play in “Eternals”.

Let’s check it out ♪