V eating strawberries is cute! Behind the scenes of BTS’s MAMA 2019 !!


MAMA is a big celebration of kpop held every year.

MAMA was held in Nagoya in 2019.

BTS won the grand prize.

BTS was also great on the stage.

MAMA2019 behind the scenes of BTS has been released !

[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) @ 2019 MAMA

It was the content of a lot from the state in the make-up of BTS to the state after the stage.

In MAMA2019, there was also a stage for student costumes by BTS, so there was also a scene.

It was a wonderful costume that could feel like a boy.

BTS was tired enough to fall behind the hard stage, and I felt the greatness of BTS.

I was surprised that BTS didn’t show such a gesture at all on the stage.

In the video released this time, V was also filmed eating strawberries.

V likes strawberries to eat just before the stage!

A cute side of V was seen.

It was a video full of attractions, such as JIN wearing a birthday hat.

Please check it out♪