The dance is amazing! Chungha makes a comeback with “Stay Tonight” !!

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I.O.I was born from Produce101.

It was a national girls group, but it broke up because it was for a limited time.

Chungha was one of the most notable in I.O.I.

After the I.O.I. broke up, Chungha made his solo debut and gained top-notch popularity as a solo artist.

Such Chungha made a comeback with the new song “Stay Tonight”.

In 2019, “Gotta Go” and “Snapping” were big hits.

In 2020, Chungha was expected to perform any kind of song.

This new song “Stay Tonight” of Chungha was also very cool.

The rust was impressive, and it was a glance nail in the melody and the dance which seemed to be a habit.

It looks like it’s going to be a big hit again!

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In addition to dancing, the singing voice is also attractive.

The new song “Stay Tonight” is full of the charm of Chungha.

Please check it out♪