April releases MV of new song 「Now or Never」! Perfect for summer !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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April is popular for its cute charm.

April had a cute concept at the time of its debut, but it has become more and more beautiful recently.

Such April is back with a new song “Now or Never”!

This is the MV for April’s new song “Now or Never” released on July 29th.

April member’s imagechange was talked about before it was released.

Chaewon had blue hair and Yena had red hair.

“Now or Never” was perfect in the summer, and the MV was filmed at the sea too!

April-like and cute, it was a song that made us feel better just listening to it.

I want to see the stage quickly.

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April made a comeback with the new song “Now or Never”.

April member’s visual changes are a hot topic.

Please check it out♪