ASTRO 「Knock」won first place for the first time in SHOWCHANPION !!

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Astro made a comeback with the new song Knock.

Astro has been growing in popularity recently.

Such ASTRO won the first place of “Knock” in SHOWCHANPION which was broadcast on May 13.

Astro won first place at SHOW CHANPION.

ASTRO was speaking to the fans a comment of thanks.

After that, all the ASTRO members were crying during the encore stage.

I was moved to tears of joy and tears of ASTRO, and i was impressed to see it.

I’m really glad ASTRO got first place!

Astro bowed firmly to the fans and it was very nice.

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ASTRO won first place at SHOW CHANPION.

It was the first time for Knock to be first.

Astro’s crying was really moved.

It seems to be more and more popular!

I’m looking forward to ASTRO’s activities in the future♪