It is like debut team!? Team 1 of 9 popular members in “O.O.O” mission of “Girls Planet 999” is a hot topic!


The popular audition program “Girls Planet 999” all over the world.

The CREATION mission is over, and it has announced the start of a new “O.O.O” mission.

“O.O.O” performances of 3 teams are posted on YouTube!

[999 미션직캠] 'O.O.O' MISSION 평가 | 1팀

This is “O.O.O” of “Girls Planet 999” posted on YouTube.

The video of team 1 attracted the attention.

It was composed of 9 people, Dayeon, Yujin, Yeseo, Chaehyun, Hikaru, Yurina, Maishiro, XiaoTing, and SuRuiqi!

All 9 members were popular members, and there are also TOP9 members.

There are 9 people who will be likely to become the debut members, and the number of views is the highest of 3 teams!

Let’s check the performance of each team to see which team will win the “O.O.O” mission ♪