I want it! The introduction video of the “MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR” goods featuring BTS is too cute !!

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“MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR” will be held by BTS in 2020.

BTS was going to fly around the world and hold a tour.

BTS is currently affected by coronavirus and is not holding it.

Nevertheless, the sale of “MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR” goods was decided.

This time, i will introduce the introduction video of “MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR” goods that BTS themself appears.

This is a video of BTS themselves actually wearing tour goods.

I want to get the match when BTS member wears it!

RM and Jungkook were doing gymnastics, turning their hips, turning their shoulders, and doing gymnastics.

Jungkook smiling next to RM to count was cute!

V, Jin, and JHOPE were doing neck exercises.

The hoodie with the hood that three people are wearing is good for the room clothes!

SUGA and Jimin were also doing hip exercises.

SUGA was cute in contrast to Jimin who was very enthusiastic and gymnastics.

The white T-shirt that two people are wearing is also very pretty.

The character of BTS was designed nicely.

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It’s a shame that you can’t see the live performance, but I’m glad to be able to buy goods.

Because it is only an item that is good for everyday use, I am not sure which to buy.

Please check it out♪