BTS Jimin’s tattoos are a hot topic! His tattoos of “13”, “NEVERMIND” and “YOUNG FOREVER” are stylish and cool!

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BTS is making a comeback with the new song “Butter”.

In the Billboard Hot 100, “Butter” won the first place for 5 consecutive weeks and has become a hot topic.

This time, I will introduce Jimin’s tattoo that attracted attention in the concept photo of “Butter”!

This is a photo of Jimin in the concept photo version 3 of “Butter”.

It seemed to be taken at a gas station.

Jimin’s outfit was a tank top and had a sexy charm 😆

Famous among ARMY, Jimin has a “NEVER MIND” tattoo on his flank.

In this photo, Jimin’s tattoo was hidden by the tank top, but I could see it a little.

In addition, his arm has a “YOUNG FOREVER” tattoo and his wrist has a “13” tattoo !

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There are four versions of the “Butter” concept photo, and Jimin’s red hair has also become a hot topic.

Skirt, boots and overalls, Jimin wore cute outfits!

I’m looking forward to BTS’s new song “Permission to Dance” which will be released soon ♪