BTS Jungkook had blonde hair at GDA ! Exactly Golden Maknae!


BTS is very popular all over the world.

The single “Dynamite” released by BTS in 2020 and the new album “BE” are also big hits.

At the Golden Disc Awards (GDA) held on January 9th, BTS Jungkook’s blonde hair has become a hot topic!

Here is a picture of BTS on the GDA red carpet.

There was SUGA who had been resting after the shoulder surgery, and all 7 of them were there!

Jungkook used to have black hair, but he became blonde hair at GDA.

Jungkook has tried pink and brown hair, but Jungkook’s blonde hair was rare !

ARMY was surprised at Jungkook’s blonde hair.

He looks like a prince, and his blonde looks good too.

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GDA where BTS appeared is also attracting attention for its luxurious lineup such as MONSTA X, NU’EST, MAMAMOO, OHMYGIRL, and IU.

I’m looking forward to who will win the Daesang!

Please check it out ♪