What is the brand of BTS’s yellow outfits at AMAs? “Butter” became a hot topic!


2021 AMAs (American Music Awards) held on November 22nd.

BTS appeared at AMAs and performed “Butter” and “My Universe”.

On the stage of “Butter”, the yellow outfits worn by BTS became a hot topic!

This is a video of “Butter” posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

A heart-shaped “Butter” was prepared, and it was a very cute 😆

The yellow outfit for “Butter” was also cute and lovely.

BTS’s yellow outfit, which attracted attention from all over the world, was product of “TAILORABLE”.

This is a photo of BTS posted on the official Instagram of TAILORABLE.

It was celebrating BTS with a photo of 2021 AMAs.

BTS’s outfits on “My Universe” that was shown at AMAs was also wonderful, so let’s check it out ♪