BTS members are impressed by the trained muscles of Jungkook! ? The teaser for “BREAK THE SILENCE: THE MOVIE COMMENTARY PACKAGE” has been released !!

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BTS is active in the world.

The title song “Life Goes On” of the latest album “BE” won the 1st place on the Billboard Hot 100.

The teaser video of BTS documentary film “BREAK THE SILENCE: THE MOVIE COMMENTARY PACKAGE” has been released!

This is the teaser video posted on Weverse’s official Twitter account.

It is a commentary package of “BREAK THE SILENCE: THE MOVIE” that was released in theaters before, and it seems that it contains the commentary video that will be delivered for the first time on Weverse.

At Teaser, BTS himself was watching a movie and there were a lot of interesting reactions.

In the scene where Jungkook is training shirtless, the members were also impressed with Jungkook!

Jungkook’s trained shoulder muscles were very manly.

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There was a scene in the teaser where BTS members were weeping during the live, so you looked back on that time.

It was a interesting teaser to see the reactions of BTS themselves!

Please check it out ♪