What’s meaning the lyrics of BTS “Take Two”? I’m looking forward to the new song with 7 people♪


BTS is very popular all over the world.

Currently, BTS Jin and J-hope enlist, and the rest of the members are pursuing solo activities.

It has been announced that BTS will release a new song “Take Two”!

This is a notice about “Take Two” posted on BTS’ official Twitter.

There have been a lot of solo activities recently, so it’s been a while since the 7 members of BTS released a new song.

As part of BTS FESTA, it was a great surprise for ARMY😆

ARMY are having various thoughts about the meaning of the title “Take Two”.

In “It takes two”, it means “it has to be two” or “only two”.

There is also an opinion that it means “rest for two minutes”, so I’m curious about the true meaning.

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According to the official announcement, “Take Two” seems to mean “the second path taken by BTS members”.

The lyrics of “Take Two” contain “feelings of gratitude for ARMY’s love and the desire to be together forever”.

I have a feeling that this song will definitely be good, and I want to listen to it as soon as possible😆

Let’s keep checking back for more BTS FESTA events♪