Birthday gift from BTS JHOPE to SuperJunior Leeteuk! The topic is the bond between neighbors !!


BTS boasts global popularity.

BTS members also have many entertainer friends.

This time I would like to introduce the relationship between SuperJunior Leeteuk and BTS JHOPE!

This is a photo posted on Instagram of SuperJunior Leeteuk.

“Hoseok~~! Hoseok’s mother~! Thank you. # Neighborhood residents”

Leeteuk seems to have received a birthday gift from Hoseok!

Actually, Leeteuk and Hoseok lived next to each other, and an unexpected friendship was known.

Leeteuk seems to be on good terms with Hoseok’s mother.

SuperJunior and BTS are next to each other, so it’s a great apartment.

The bond beyond the group was impressive!

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SuperJunior Leeteuk who received a birthday present from BTS JHOPE.

I’m looking forward to more fun posts!