BTS Jin eating sushi at Eat JIN! What is the reason why Jin is so sweaty?

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BTS is a hot topic for interacting with ARMY on SNS.

BTS, which is a global trend, is amazing.

On July 10, BTS Jin was eating sushi at Eat JIN!

This is the V-Live broadcast by BTS Jin on July 10th.

Jin was eating various kinds of sushi deliciously.

It was cute to drop the rice .

Jin was sweating this time,and he says that he actually came to the company in 30 minutes by riding a bicycle.

I was surprised to wear a mask and come on a bicycle for 30 minutes.

And it’s too awesome to broadcast to Eat JIN.

I’m happy that Jin will do that for ARMY.

JIN’s ASMR was also interesting !

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Eat JIN broadcast by BTS Jin.

Eat JIN this time has also become a world trend.

Jin is truly handsome worldwide!

Please check it out♪