The ending of 95z is a hot topic! BTS posted “Savage Love” dance video on TikTok !!

Quote from:BTS TikTok

BTS is popular for its dance performances.

BTS dance is powerful .

The TikTok videos that BTS frequently posts these days are also popular.

On September 28th, a BTS’s dance cover video of “Savage Love” was posted on TikTok!

This is a TikTok video posted by BTS.

SUGA, Jungkook, JHOPE will be followed by Jimin, V, RM, and Jin.

BTS had a unique dance,and the ending of V and Jimin (95z) was especially interesting!

This is BTS 95z ending.

It was a fun TikTok because I could feel cute dance of BTS.

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BTS has announced that they will make a comeback with their new album “BE”.

I’m also interested in the songs on the new album following “Dynamite”!

Please check it out ♪