BTS Jungkook sang aespa “Next Level”! ? Check out Jungkook’s Birthday V Live!

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BTS Jungkook celebrated his birthday on September 1st today.

Jungkook broadcasted V Live at midnight, and ARMY all over the world was watching it.

Jungkook sang a lot of songs on his birthday V Live!

This is V Live broadcasted by BTS Jungkook.

From August 31st to September 1st, Jungkook’s V Live was long.

It was impressive that Jungkook wrote the song based on ARMY’s post.

After that, after listening to ARMY’s request, he sang many songs such as “Dimple”, “MIC Drop”, “Spring Day”, “Let Go”, “Film out”.

Furthermore, when Jungkook asked ARMY for the next song, he said “Next, I’m on the Next” !

aespa “Next Level” is sung by various K-POP idols, and Jungkook also know it, so it was a hot topic.

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J-HOPE appeared in the room during V Live to celebrate Jungkook.

It was a wonderful scene to feel their friendship!

Please check that out it ♪