TREASURE Jihoon celebrated THE BOYZ Sunwoo! They were classmates from Hanlim! “MAVERICK” won on Inkigayo !

Quote from:TREASURE twitter

THE BOYZ made a comeback with the new song “MAVERICK”.

“MAVERICK” is a popular song with a cool performance.

Today, THE BOYZ “MAVERICK” won the 1st place on the SBS Inkigayo broadcast on November 14th!

These are photos posted on THE BOYZ’s official Twitter account after finishing the SBS Inkigayo.

Sangyeon had the No. 1 trophy of Inkigayo, and everyone seemed happy.

Actually, it was the first time for THE BOYZ to win the 1st place on Inkigayo, and the fans were surprised.

At the encore stage, the interaction between TREASURE Jihoon, who is the MC of the Inkigayo, and THE BOYZ Sunwoo was also noticed!

Jihoon and Sunwoo are the same age born in 2000 and are classmates of Hanlim.

When Jihoon left the stage, he shook hands with Sunwoo and hugged each other to celebrate the 1st place.

It was a wonderful scene to see their friendship.

The performance of THE BOYZ “MAVERICK”, which was performed on Inkigayo, was also great, so let’s check it out ♪