March 14th is TREASURE Jihoon’s birthday! Members posted photos to celebrate Jihoon!

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TREASURE debuted in 2020 from YG Entertainment.

TREASURE has two leaders, Hyunsuk and Jihoon.

Today, March 14th is TREASURE Jihoon’s birthday!

Members celebrated Jihoon’s birthday.

First, it is a photo of Haruto and Jihoon.

“Happy birthday to Jihoon hyeong! Congratulations to the MC of Inkigayo!”

It was a cute tweet with lots of panda emoji!

Next is Yedam’s post to celebrate Jihoon’s birthday.

Yedam said “Happy Birthday to our proud TREASURE leader, Jihoon hyeong💓”.

The photo shows cute Jihoon , and his funny face photo was also very cute !

Next is Junkyu’s post to Jihoon.

Junkyu posted a cute sleeping face photo of Jihoon!

It looks like his eyes are slightly open, and it’s a cute sleeping face like a baby.

Jihoon and Junkyu are born in 2000, and they are famous for their good friendship.

From this post, I could feel the good friendship between Junkyu and Jihoon.

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Not only the three , but all the other eight members also posted photos to celebrate Jihoon’s birthday.

Today is the broadcast day of Inkigayo, where Jihoon is the MC.

I’m also wondering if there is an Jihoon’s birthday V live !

Happy Birthday Jihoon 🎉