Brave Girls’ “Rollin'” is very popular! Members cry for the 1st win on Inkigayo!

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Brave Girls has become a hot topic in Korea recently.

“Rollin'” released by Brave Girls four years ago is popular on the chart and is a big hit.

Brave Girls “Rollin'” won first place in the SBS Inkigayo broadcast on March 14th!

[앵콜CAM] 브레이브걸스 '롤린(Rollin')' 인기가요 1위 앵콜 직캠 (Brave Girls Encore Fancam) | @SBS Inkigayo_2021.03.14.

SHINee, Brave Girls, and ATEEZ were the top candidates for this Inkigayo.

And , Brave Girls won the 1st place.

When the 1st place was announced, the members of Brave Girls were crying and it was a very moving scene 🥺

Brave Girls won first place in a music program for the first time since their debut.

There has been no recent activity of Brave Girls, and it seems that there was talk of their dissolution, but thanks to the hit of “Rollin'”, it has become possible to do activity again.

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Brave Girls “Rollin'” has been a big hit for the first time in four years since the performance in the military became a hot topic.

Brave Girls had a lot of trouble due to the change of members.

Still, it’s impressive to be active again in this way.

I would like to see Brave Girls’ activities in other songs as well as “Rollin'” 😆

Please check out Brave Girls’ future activities ♪